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This is a positive review for this company. So, if you are like so many of the people that they can get something for nothing, you will hate this review. I'm 74, a retired teacher, and grew up in a time when the value of working hard and understanding that you never get something worthwhile for nothing, was a way of life.

Unfortunately, in 1990, in California, they started worrying about self-esteem and started something called "social promotion", which meant that students would be passed to the next grade whether they learned what they needed to know or not.

This has created the whole "entitlement" concept, which is "I expect to have everything I want handed to me, whether I work for it or not."

Roryricord.com is in the business of teaching people the latest online marketing techniques to keep up with the rapidly changing internet sales world. They also teaching effective copy writing, social promotion skills, headlines and ad writing skills and all the information you would have gotten in college without having to pay thousands for the knowledge.

This is knowledge you have to learn. And learning takes work, hard sustained effort and a attitude that you do not know more than the teacher.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don't understand this concept. They think that this company is like so many others out there that promise to make you a "six figure income" tomorrow.

Rory tells it upfront. Learning this information takes effort and time. He teaches about ascension marketing and indexing and how to have a marketing page that is acceptable to google, so they will market their information with you.

There are people that have taken this concept and put out shoddy materials (and by that I mean videos that contain a lot of fluff and very little content) and say they are teaching the same thing. But they aren't. They are tooting their own horns and selling their own products and wanting people to promote their products.

Roryricord.com doesn't do that. They teach you what you need to know to be successful in whatever online marketing niche you decide to provide to the internet buyers.

They always are perfectly honest about the time and effort it takes to be successful and are willing to help you and keep you up to date with the breaking trends in the world of marketing.

I have met and know Rory personally, after working to learn about this way of making money from home. I've been doing this type of work for a year and a half and have just become more and more pleased at what I am learning. Rory keeps us in the loop with continued help and training. When I started, there were only 12 videos and they were excellent. They were so content rich, with his knowledge, that they were almost overwhelming. I had to go over and over them to understand exactly how to do everything. There was no fluff in his videos. I love that!

He added mentors/teachers to his education system to answer questions, because he has tapped into a needed niche in life. Someone who will teach those who are retired, unable to work outside the home or those who have figured out that retirement is no available anymore, no matter who says it is. The cost of living keeps going up and our retirements (if you work in a field that has a retirement opportunity) doesn't successfully cover that. So, he fills that niche very well and keeps teaching all the new information that we need to make our lives comfortable.

Some people give up. Some people don't. That is the way it is in all careers and businesses.

I really like this company. I wouldn't continue learning from them if I didn't. So, my review says Roryricord.com is the real deal.

By the way, the photo below shows Rory greeting and talking with a man who is a top earner in this type of marketing. He has been confined to a wheelchair since birth, yet makes a really good living marketing with the principals that Rory has taught.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rory Ricord Affiliate Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: He is honest.

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Rory Ricord Verified Representative

Thank you for sharing this. When we deal with so many, we have some fall through the cracks.

And we are tightening that up the best we can. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It works, and is real. And we are working on becoming better and better at teaching and replicating the success offered through our program.

Thankfully we have a large growing community of successful students. And only look to figure out how to guide more into that community.

to roryricord.com #1592334

Go see my post at http:2p96.com. Chris Queen.


Thanks for your comments. Per your thoughts Rory's programs take a lot of work. I am a newbee to the programs and am willing to work hard for success.


I am at the early stage. I am financially poor at the moment which supplies a lot of motivation.These comments help with the starting jitters.I think it takes time and effort.

The concept is phenomenal.I've decided to commit! Here goes.

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