Rory Ricord - My wife and I spent 1 month and $ 190 for this program(Scam)

Deception and waste of time. My wife and I did not earn anything from Rory, only lost time and $190. No one helped us, all of us ignored. Pay money and waste your time with another scam.

Rory Ricord - Marketing

I posted a lot of adds so when can I get paid.
Hello, I keep reading all of these negative reviews saying that is a scam and wanting to file a class action lawsuit? Really? I wonder what the intention of these are. Are they competitors trying to take away students? It's a good possibility. There are...
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I liked
  • Integrity that this company has
DO not even think about this as an option!!! The $97 is a bs way of getting you in the door.. they will have you apply for a credit card and then say that you are selected to have a one on one with a supervisor that will work hands on with you... yeah for the minmium...
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Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit send information to I know excellent attorneys who will file a lawsuit. This marketer does not do what he says he is going to do. The customer service team is worthless.They will tell you that they...
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Dwight Conn

Yes I am.

Rory Ricord - Finally, a company that is what they say they are
This is a positive review for this company. So, if you are like so many of the people that they can get something for nothing, you will hate this review. I'm 74, a retired teacher, and grew up in a time when the value of working hard and understanding that you never...
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I liked
  • He is honest
I started with RoryRicord February 1018, and with my being new to "Work from Home" it was amazing to see that Rory Ricord charges for a membership of $67. With that be said and me being naive, I paid the $67, may I add that this was promised by a 100% money back...
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I am a member of the Rory Ricords Program or I was a member until today. I started working with the program over a year ago. And was getting no where with it. However I have learned from it certain things. One I really did not need the program to figure out. Anyways...
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They charge 3 months fee up front and they tell you, you will get a refund if you change your mind, plus 1team memeber will be with you the whole time to guid you. Wrong ones you sign up, forget it, every time I asked for help I got send videos to watch, do it your...
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Rory Ricord - Scam company

But the initial package and after you do that then you have to pay more and more in order to have access to posting